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Spirit Airline Tickets – To Refund Or Not To Refund?

Posted on | December 6, 2008 | No Comments

It was a fairly okay travel day this past Monday. I was initially booked on Spirit Airways but a last minute opportunity presented itself and I changed my airline ticket. I set out to accomplish this without incurring any more ridiculous fees and penalties other than what may already be outrageous…er…obligatory.

See if this helps you and, who knows? You might save yourself some money if you have to change your Spirit airline tickets.

My original ticket was a one-way economy non-refundable ticket with Spirit Airways for a direct flight to New York. The cost of the ticket was around $95. This was a non-refundable ticket. Refundable tickets cost about two to three hundred dollars more so I usually never bother to buy one. I am after all, cheap, meaning I don’t want to pay any more than absolutely necessary for an airline ticket.

To change or cancel a ticket with Spirit Airways, they charge a fee of $80, (going up to $100 in

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January 2009), plus the difference in the fare of any re-booked flight. To change rather than cancel my ticket, I would have paid an additional $186 on top of the $95 I already paid. Also, keep in mind that there is an additional charge for making changes and/or cancellations by phone or in person at the airport with Spirit Airways and they charge you for all bags checked. There is nothing free on Spirit, (although they do often have some pretty amazing travel deals).

A search using revealed that on short notice, for $107 I could fly United Airlines operated by USAirways. It was cheaper to just cancel the Spirit Airline tickets and buy this new ticket on a different carrier.

However, for Spirit Airline tickets, when your ticket cost you less than the cancellation fee, I was advised by a SpiritAir telephone operator that it will be better to just not show up for your flight and do not cancel your ticket otherwise you will be charged the difference to make up the cancellation fee.

Good Luck!

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